Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rules Project Entry 2

The image below is a "Wills and Memories" section in my brother's yearbook. 

When I was reading this I noticed that there was a semi-colon in between each "memory."  I didn't think the semi-colon placing was correct at all because I thought that one would use a semi-colon when they want to put together two independent clauses.  So I decided to look up the correct usages of a semi-colon. 

On the Purdue OWL website, it states that a semi-colon can be used for joining two independent clauses.  These two clauses are related to one another, when the semi-colon is used. 

The other reason a semi-colon could be used would be to use semi-colons in between items that already have commas.  For example, "I have been to Albany, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Florida."  In the above image, there are no commas for a semi-colon to even be placed.

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