Sunday, July 1, 2012

Incorrect Grammar in a Text

I kept telling myself that I didn't really mind if someone were to use the wrong "there" in a text, in a email, or on facebook because who really cares, it's not like they're writing a research paper that is going to be graded.  I mean I see these mistakes all the time, but I never used to really mind it until I started this class.

I have been noticing a lot more grammar mistakes on my phone and facebook lately.  For instance, today I received a text that said, "Your a freak."  I was not only frustrated because my friend called me a freak for no reason, but come on, at least use correct grammar if you're going to make fun of me!

A grammar error that I am now constantly correcting for myself is "were" and we're."  When I used to text, I would always say "were," but meaning "we're."  Don't get me wrong I knew the difference; it was just that I was too lazy to put the apostrophe in. Wow, I know that sounds horrible!  Now, I make sure that these little words are correct.  This class has already changed me so much.