Friday, July 20, 2012

Rules Project Entry 5

Whomever vs. Whoever

After learning the difference between "whomever" and "whoever" in this class, I constantly check other people's writings to make sure that they used the correct word.  In the Wellsville Daily Reporter, I came across an article that used "whoever."

In the above image it says, "'We've been kind of hit and miss the first five innings, but our bullpen, whoever is coming in that role at any given day is honestly going to be very, very good,' said Hornell head coach Tony Fuller."  From what I understand the reporter is correct when using "whoever."

Commentary: If you were to read this website it would tell you that whom=him and who=he.  If you didn't know which one to use (whomever or whoever) you could break down the sentence in the above image like this, ______ is coming in that role at any given day.... If you were to place him or he in the blank spot, you would be able to tell that "he" makes more sense, therefore "whoever" is correctly placed in this article. 

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